Day 20

1 Sep

It’s Tuesday and we’re in the EDP. The Glorious Leader is cross because they didn’t use the picture of him, but more because they also get the dates of the excavation wrong, so we may not get any visitors after Thursday. This may impact severely on sales of Roman memorabilia. Sword sales are actually buoyant this year (only 6 left so hurry, hurry, hurry), but we’ve still got a lot of key-rings and mouse-mats left, which will have to go into store for next year. We also have a bunch of excavation T-shirts left, so there may be a fire-sale on Saturday.

Dr Ed is gloomy about his road, although the combined efforts of Becky and Toni on sieve have helped to produce a respectable assemblage of material which should help to date it. The gravel of the road has produced an interesting staining effect on the sand below, although a trench entirely composed of stains was not the Middle Saxon dream with which Dr Ed was enticed to the site. In trench 4, however, Giles is bottoming out on natural gravel, so he is in the end game (as we have to say these days). Jon C in trench 8 should also be in the end game, but has unfortunately found some interesting features at the bottom of his trench, so the Glorious Leader is demanding that he remove several more tons of clay in order to see more of these ephemeral features. These should represent pre-forum wooden buildings though, which is exciting. Really it is.

As ever I am indebted to Chrissy for pictures. Chrissy takes pictures of people rather than walls and soil, and so her pictures are much more useful. Coming soon, some pictures of Sue Harman’s ace excavation cake.

Pre-forum features in the lovely trench 8. A rare photo of some archaeology

Director picks up mattock in desperate attempt to get to pre-forum features


One Response to “Day 20”

  1. Sue-From Roman Brampton September 1, 2011 at 8:16 pm #

    Ah!..but the article on E.D.P.24 online has the picture of our”Glorious Leader” and not the one of Trench 6 as in the actual paper.

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