Day 17

1 Sep

Jon C is chilly

It’s Saturday (posting this somewhat after the fact due to lack of internet access), more or less après le déluge of Friday, although le déluge makes periodic returns throughout the day. This causes the forum trenches to run for cover and the north-west trenches to wish they had some cover to run to. They reason correctly that by the time they have spent 5 minutes climbing up the field to the marquee, it will have probably stopped raining so they stay down the hill and stay soggy. There are rumblings of thunder and rumblings of Elf ‘n’ Safety issues as being the tallest and most conductive thing in the middle of a field in a thunderstorm is usually frowned upon. The Glorious Leader, however, climbs his aluminium step-ladder to photograph the trenches, despite the dangers of being remembered as the idiot who climbed a metal ladder as the thunder rumbled.

The clay levels in the lovely trench 8 demonstrate their capacity for holding water, but Jon C and his courageous team dig on, removing large and rather impressive pieces of painted wall plaster, which we are assuming came from the buildings before the forum, or an earlier phase of forum. The traces of these pre-forum buildings seem to be present in various forms throughout the forum trenches which is a good discovery, although the world’s media remain unmoved.


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