Day 16

28 Aug

Here's how our pot washers deal with rain

Today is Friday and it rained. The weather people on all stations promised that it will rain all day and so the Glorious Leader made an uncharacteristically decisive move and sent everyone home. On archaeological sites you need to stop working when it gets too wet as you start to make so much mess that there is no benefit from digging at all. Also everyone gets wet and miserable but that is a secondary consideration as people tend to dry out and can usually clean themselves, unlike sites which require a lot of help to get clean.

So everyone got sent home bar the supervisors who stayed in the tent and caught up on paperwork until they got to the point where they were starting to make things up. There is only a certain point to which you can describe archaeological features while sitting in a marquee and not looking at them, and most people reached it by about 11.30. So they went home as well. At 12.00 it stopped raining, and didn’t rain again for the rest of the day, so the Glorious Leader was left to gnash his teeth, swearing never to look at a weather forecast ever again.

All this meant that we didn’t get to say goodbye properly to the volunteers whose last day was on Friday. So we salute you one and all and see you on the packing-up days.


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