Day 13

26 Aug

It’s a rainy day, although unfortunately not quite rainy enough to just give up on the digging day and do something different. The lucky people down in trenches 4 and 5 have their day off today and so can sit snugly in their warm and dry homes. The stalwart diggers of the forum trenches, however, brave the steady rain and struggle on, removing recalcitrant layers of rubble and drawing rocks. Truly the frontiers of knowledge are being pushed back, albeit in a slightly soggy way.

On the archaeology front things are continuing apace. The areas of burning in the basilica trench are expanding although not to the extent of turning into a major conflagration. We may yet reach the major conflagration tipping point, but at the moment we are looking at what we might call a minor incendiary event (which is equivalent to a big camp fire). Are we looking at some Teutons (as Donald Atkinson termed the Anglo-Saxons) hunkered down in the ruins of the mighty Roman forum, musing on the fall of Empire and the hubris of Rome, or are we looking at some people reusing a handy space for some small-scale industrial activity? We shall see. Elsewhere evidence of Teutons is thin on the ground, with our single piece of Anglo-Saxon pottery the only sign of Teutonic activity in the walled town, although the two nearby Saxon cemeteries are indicative of a presence. We shall keep you posted on the Teutons front.


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