Day 11

23 Aug

Some small archaeologists

First news is that the owners of the mystery teddy bears have come forward. The teddies in question seem to have their own facebook page (link on comments for yesterday) so you can see what they are up to and what’s happening in the world of teddy social networking.

Anyway, today is Sunday and it’s our big family fun day in association with the BBC. The Glorious Leader is interviewed on Radio Norfolk at 7.20am, and tries to drum up some business although at that hour on a Sunday the audience is mainly composed of farmers and insomniacs. Come the hour and the hordes descend in modest numbers. The artificial excavation area (comprising spoil from the machining) is soon filled with excited tots and their parents troweling away happily to reveal George, the plastic skeleton. “That’s a metatarsal”, pipes up one precocious three-year old, whose parents turn out to be surgeons. One man also finds a coin, which is slightly embarrassing, but he eventually parts with it.

Roman pot-making is also extremely popular and some good messy fun is had by all. The tent-helpers in particular get quite adept by the end of the day, with attempts at elaborate reliefs. The students get a bit carried away with the face painting, which is limited to blue squirly pseudo-Celtic stuff. By the end of the day they are so blue that they could pass for Na’vi.

Meanwhile the archaeology continues in a downwards direction, which is as it should be. The first piece of genuine (early) Saxon pot shows up, identified by Alice, who happens to be in to help with the family jollity. This is the first piece that has been conclusively identified within the walled town and also seems to come from a layer that is underneath the strange rectangular feature in trench 6 (one of the forum trenches). So that is exciting, suggesting that there may be early Saxon occupation in the area of the forum.


One Response to “Day 11”

  1. Adam B August 23, 2011 at 8:21 pm #

    Yay, that’s my daugher in the photo in the rainbow hat. She had a great day out. Thanks guys!

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