Day 9

21 Aug

The on-site campers are greeted with the early morning sight of two men hopping repeatedly up and down the steps next to the church. The men in question pause in their hopping to glance over at the campers, as if we are the strange ones. They may have a point.

It’s the last day of week 1 so we say goodbye to some of the stalwart diggers who have done sterling work in the first week. It’s been pretty good so far, with real progress in a downwards direction. The fill of the 1930s trenches has been largely removed, giving us a real window into the deposits in the forum, while Dr Bescoby has established an archaeological bridgehead on the far side of the River Tas in the Norfolk Archaeological Trust’s new land, which should see some geophysics next week. We have also seen an abundance of truly excellent cake, in quantities not witnessed since the halcyon days of the legendary Tuesday Ladies Club visit of 2010. Mind you it’s a big team this year, and so it’s taking some precision slicing to make it go round.

A moment of discovery.



One Response to “Day 9”

  1. Sue-from Brampton. August 22, 2011 at 9:27 am #

    In the alleged words of Marie Antoinette”Let them eat cake!”………or was that Delia?

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