Day 8: Trench 8 Special

19 Aug

Internet access is not particularly prevalent at the moment so it’s a double helping of blog today. It’s Thursday and we’re back in full effect. There are walls in all the forum trenches now, more or less in the places they should be and it seems that Donald Atkinson left us some nice islands of archaeology while he stuck to chasing the walls. Some intriguing patches of burning are emerging, suggesting that Donald’s episodes of destruction by fire may have something to be said for them. This is particularly the case in trench 8, the lovely trench in the basilica, which Chrissy says never gets mentioned in the blog.

Trench 8 is the smallest trench but it is perfectly formed, and has the most robust of all the walls found so far. It also has wonderful surviving stratigraphy including a plaster floor, which runs over the top of the wall and is thus later. There is also a thick level of clay underneath the floor, which will hopefully be stuffed with lovely material that will allow us to date this sequence. There is burnt stuff (revealed by Ian) and a chunk of collapsed wall, which has been beautifully cleaned and planned by Chrissy. In short, we have everything that you can possibly desire in a trench.

Another major factor in the day is rain, which hits in a major way at about 3.45. This makes the Director quite smug as he’s been telling anyone who will listen that it’s going to rain at 4.00pm on Thursday, although obviously has the down side that work has to stop for the day. He takes the Norwich Federation of Construction Industries around the site during a brief lull in the rain and as a reward is presented with a copy of the Roman Billingford report (by our very own Heather W) and the Motlëy Crue biography, which is the one he really wanted.

Earwigs are also in full effect on the campsite. Dr Ed is trying an experiment in which he treats them as pets, although so far this is only partially successful. The Director is taking the more traditional route of squashing them, although is increasingly becoming overwhelmed by numbers. They are apparently a very maternal insect, however, so there are some positives to them. The idea that they crawl in your ears is apparently a myth. Given the current numbers of them, it’s a myth that we should be able to confirm or deny by the end of the season.

Ian cleaning in the lovely Trench 8.

The unsung heroes of the finds processing team.


2 Responses to “Day 8: Trench 8 Special”

  1. Arthur Ian Sinclair August 20, 2011 at 5:50 pm #

    The teddies came to help with the dig today, their pictures can be seen here

  2. Andrew Ray August 20, 2011 at 8:31 pm #

    I had also been wondering whether to drive on the right or left but the biggest problem is some massive roadworks where the entire road, pavements and land on either side has been dug up. I know it is holiday time and traffic is light but there was no warning to motorists.

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