Day 4 (ish). Or perhaps 5.

15 Aug

All happening in the trenches today. Big news is that the Anglo Saxon ditch which we expecting to appear in trench 5 (in the north west corner of the town) seems to be conspicuous by its absence. Everyone plays the game of “let’s blame the geophysics”. Dr Bescoby, creator of the geophysics, is absent and unable to defend himself.

Elsewhere, John and Neil in trench 6 are bemoaning the fact that trench 7 is looking much nicer than their trench. Trench 7 has nice lines of rubble, suggesting that the old excavation trenches of Donald Atkinson in the forum are going to be fairly easy to find in trench 7. We need to find the old trenches and shovel out the contents, to avoid getting the finds from Prof Atkinson’s backfill mixed up with the nice finds from the nice unexcavated levels. They should be pretty obvious and in trench 7 they seem to show up as nice stripes. But in trench 6, they don’t.

Cake is starting to make an appearance and the Director goes for the hard sell on some plastic swords to some unsuspecting visitors to the marquee. He claims he can sell a sword to anyone. We’ll keep you posted on sword sales and our lovely new line of Caistor leisurewear. Meanwhile, here is the latest picture from the excellent and aeronautic Mike Page, showing our trenches, camp and the streets that Fred has lovingly painted over the town.


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