Day 3: First sword sales

13 Aug

So, it’s officially the first day of the dig, hence the title Day 3. As is traditional for the first day it rains. Only a bit though, so work can continue nonetheless. The Glorious Leader pops out into the deluge to get his picture taken for the EDP and then pops back into his tent to do something important and leaderish.

All trenches are up and running with bits of masonry starting to appear in the forum trenches, suggesting that just possibly we have got the trenches in the right places. We’re expecting both phases of forum to pop up in a magical way. All we have to do is find some coherent deposits between them and it’ll be job done. We can rewrite the story of the site and go home.

Meanwhile down in the world of the Saxons in the north-west trenches there is some momentary great excitement as pottery is unearthed that looks as if it might just possibly be Saxon. Or possibly Iron Age. Frankly we’d take either. Unfortunately Giles takes the pot in question and goes and harasses Sarah P in Norwich into identifying it. Sarah spoils the party by declaring it to be probably Roman, but would like us to find some more just to be sure.

Anyway, onto more important things. Today saw bumper sales of plastic swords. Three in total, which given the morning’s inclement weather is a good result. Big sales push coming up methinks. Dave Leese also reveals his gladiator Action Men (a retiarius and a secutor for you gladiator fanciers) with clothing modeled in exact detail. We’ll get some pictures of those for you ASAP.

Also for Caistor volunteers and anyone else who cares, go to for full details of Giles Emery’s recording system, which we are using. Look and learn!


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