Day 2

12 Aug

Internet access still not a major feature in dig life so it will be two entries together for you lucky people. All is going swimmingly, however, and the wind has temporarily dropped. A nice piece of Roman bling came up from detecting on the machine trenches. Nighthawks please note that we’re detecting the trenches as we go down, so if you come out with your infra-red goggles, we’ve had the lot out.

Big thanks to Peter the machine driver, whose skill with the ditching bucket is unmatched. Heather and Ian were on dumper duty and decided that they wanted dumpers of their own, such was their enjoyment of our massive piece of plant (see picture).

The streets are now fully painted out thanks to Fred and the marvelous line-marking machine of Norwich High School for Girls. The temptation to drive along the streets is overwhelming. Dave B and Fred suggest painting some Give Way lines and adding a couple of mini roundabouts to aid traffic flow although there is some doubt as to whether these were normal features of the Roman urban street plan.

Don’t forget you can find us on Twitter as well (#caistor or follow @willbowden1).

Steve detecting as Pete fills the mighty dumper

Heather advertises the project health and safety policy


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